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Refractometers & Polarimeters

Bellingham and Stanley
Bellingham and Stanley Index

Bellingham and Stanley have been in operation for over ninety five years, as one of the world's leading brands in the Refractometer and Polarimeter industries. You can find Bellingham and Stanley instruments in over eighty countries around the globe and many of the world's leading companies consider Bellingham and Stanley products to be the world's best in their field.

Industries that are frequent users of Bellingham and Stanley instruments include pharmaceutical, food, drinks, chemical and petroleum.

The range of refractometers that Bellingham and Stanley manufacturer is one of the largest in the world today.

The polarimeters that Bellingham and Stanley manufacturer are used in a wide range of different applications, along with a choice of quartz control plates for instrument validation and sample tubes.


Abbe 5 Refractometer

Abbe 60 Refractometer

RFM300+ Refractometers

RFM700 Refractometers

RFM900 Refractometers

RFM960-C Refractometer


ADP410 Polarimeter

ADP440+ Polarimeter

ADS420 and ADS480 Saccharimeters

D7 Polarimeter

Hanna Instruments
Hanna Instruments Index

A global organisation and a world leader, Hanna Instruments has become synonymous with the design, manufacture and supply of scientific equipment and test kits.

Since the company's formation, Hanna Instruments has gained an enviable reputation for consistent improvements and growth, with particular recognition for the company's product innovation.

Hanna Instruments has purpose-built production buildings in both Romania and Mauritius, while also having a dedicated research centre in the USA.

Product areas of Hanna Instruments include Colorimeters, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Multi-Parameter, pH and Turbidity.

Hanna Instruments have built over an astonishing 3500 different products and is the largest privately-owned electro-chemical manufacturer.

HI-96801 Refractometer

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