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Power Analysers

Electrocorder Index

Electrocorder is a UK based manufacturer of voltage and current dataloggers for industry. Unlike other manufacturers, all Electrocorder instruments are "off the shelf", as opposed to bespoke solutions.

The Electrocorder company is privately held, with several key industrial shareholders.

The main product sectors for Electrocorder are Power/Energy Loggers/Recorders, Voltage Loggers/Recorders and Current Loggers/Recorders.

Power Recorders for power (kW) and energy (kWh) surveys are widely used for energy reduction surveys.

Voltage Recorders (AC & DC), single, two and three phase loggers are suitable for Voltage issues and Voltage Optimisation Surveys.

Current Recorders (AC & DC) are for single phase and three phase circuits for load and energy surveys, Generator Sizing and transformer or feeder/circuit loading issues.


CT-1A AC Current Logger
EC-1A AC Current Logger
EC-3CT Single & Three Phase Current Logger
EC-3A Single & Three Phase Current/Load Logger


DC-3V-60 Three Channel Voltage Logger
EC-1V Single Phase Waterproof Voltage Logger
EC-2V Two Channel Voltage Logger
EC-3V Single & Three Phase Voltage Logger
LS-1V Waterproof Interruption Logger
SL-3V Miniature 3 Phase Logger

Voltage & Current

AL-2VA Single Phase AC Energy 'Appliance Logger'
CT-2VA Single Phase Voltage & Current Logger
DC-3VA DC Voltage & DC Current Logger
EC-2VA Single Phase Voltage & Current Logger
EC-7VAR Voltage, Current & Power Factor Logger

Renewable Loggers

PV-3 PV Logger
RE-2VAD Single Phase Voltage Directional Current Logger
SR-1R Solar Radiation Logger


EC-6VA Three Phase Voltage & Current Logger

Yokogawa Index

Founded in 1915, Yokogawa has nearly 100 years of experiences in the area of power analysis and measurement. During this century, Yokogawa has provided customers with state-of-the-art products to a wide range of different industries.

Yokogawa's growth throughout the twentieth century has made it become the world's leader in power analysis. Instruments including digital multimeters and clamp-on testers have been manufactured to the highest specification and quality.

All of Yokogawa's products can be relied on for safety and reliability. They all comply with the latest safety standards including CE, CSA and UL.

We supply all of Yokogawa's power analyser range such as the CW Power Meter series and the CA Handy Calibrators.

Keison Products only supply Yokogawa portable test instruments and cannot supply any other Yokogawa products. For clarification of what we supply, please see the product list opposite.

CW120 Power Meter

CW240 Power Meter

Datum-Y Datalogger

TY700 Series Digital Multimeter

CL Clamp-on Testers

CA11E Handy Calibrator

CA12E Handy Calibrator

CA51/CA71 Handy Calibrators

CA150 Handy Calibrator

CA450 Process Multimeter

732/733/734/73101 Digital Multimeters

Hawk Products

Knowing where and when power is used is vital to cost energy management. Hawk analysers have helped many companies save up to 20% off their annual electricity bills, amongst them are BASF, Manchester City Council and Lifestyle Upholstery.

Hawk gives you the power to manage your energy

  Know your electricity usage and eliminate waste.
  Check the accuracy of electricity bills.
  Calculate running costs of machinery, departments and buildings.
  Check for low power factor.
  Profile your electricity maximum and minimum demands.
  Avoid unbalanced supply problems.
  Choose the right tariff for you.

Current Products

Hawk Professional Reporter Software - BUY ONLINE

Obsolete Products

Hawk 3000

Hawk 5000

Hawk Commander Software

Seaward Index

Seaward is the market leader for electrical safety test equipment, established for over 25 years. Seaward was originally found in County Durham, England but now has representation all over the globe.

With many different types of electrical safety legislation now in place, Seaward has manufactured instruments that enable companies and organisations to comply with these legislations. Some of these legislations include portable appliance testing (PAT testing), medical, installation and machinery testing.

Seaward has an enviable reputation for a full time commitment to continuous product enhancement and development. Seaward has a fantastic understanding of the requirements of test professionals and also understands the practical side of today's testing necessities. This commitment has enabled Seaward to become the market leader in all of its various product sectors.

PAT Testers

Apollo 600 - BUY ONLINE

Apollo 500 - BUY ONLINE
PrimeTest 50 - BUY ONLINE
PrimeTest 100 - BUY ONLINE
PrimeTest 250 - BUY ONLINE
Primetest 250+
Supernova Elite - BUY ONLINE

Solar Products

MCS Solarlink Test Kit - BUY ONLINE
PV150 Solar Installation Test Kit
Solar Power Clamp
SolarSurvey 100/200R Series Irradiance Meters

Installation Testers

ERT 1557 Earth Resistance Tester
IRT 1557 Insulation Resistance and Continuity Tester
PowerTest 1557 Multi Function Installation Tester

Proving Units

PH3 Proving Unit
PH3 Flat Nose Proving Unit


HV Indicators
HV Phasing Units
PATGuard 3 Software
SDR Series HV Safe Discharge Rods


Europa Plus
Primetest 350
Supernova Plus

Cropico Index

Cropico has stood for accuracy and quality amongst measuring instruments for over 50 years.

Cropico manufactures a range of specialist instrumentation designed for a wide variety of precision measurement applications.

Digital Ohmmeters

DO4A Portable Ohmmeter
DO6 Digital Ohmmeter
DO5000 Series Ohmmeters

Handheld Micro Ohmmeters

DO4000 & DO4001 Micro Ohmmeters
DO4002 Micro Ohmmeter

Portable Micro Ohmmeters

DO7 Micro Ohmmeter
DO7e Micro Ohmmeter
DO7 Plus Micro Ohmmeter

Decade Resistance Boxes

00Series Decade Boxes
CM5-N Capacitance Compensation Box
RBB Decade Resistance Box
RBC Decade Resistance Box
RM6 Decade Resistance Box
RM6N Decade Resistance Box
RM8 Decade Resistance Box

Clare Index

Clare have designed and manufactured a wide range of products for electrical safety testing, industrial compliance and precision measurement applications. These products cover the broad sectors of electronics manufacturing, avionics, power, utilities and industrial engineering sectors.

All of the Clare range combines innovation and top quality with the essential consistency and reliability which is crucial, especially in the most demanding work environments.

Products include production line electrical testers, which are produced in order to ensure compliance with the standards found in international standards and product specific standards, as well as type approval testing.

HAL Series Electrical Safety Testers

HAL Solar Electrical Safety Tester

A203ES Flash/Hipot/Dielectric Withstand Tester

A252 Compact Portable Electrical Safety Tester

B255 Comprehensive Power Tool & Appliance Safety Tester

B433R Stand Alone Earth / Ground Bond Tester

G2000 Manual Safety Tester

SafeCheck 8 Bench Mounted Comprehensive Tester

STM/L Benchmounted Comprehensive Tester


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