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Furnaces, Ovens & Incubators

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SNOL Index

Why choose us?

Developed according to European standards - SNOL products bear CE mark and company's Quality Management System is certified by Bureau Veritas Quality International in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 / LST EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.

We are one of the biggest manufacturers in the world - producing more than 4000 units per year.

Short lead time - We keep around 200 of our most popular products in stock.

Durability - some of our customers have continuously used the same SNOL products for more than 50 years.

We can manufacture products, which would comply to AMS2750E or CQI-9, if You require.

Our team of professional engineers are always ready to offer customized solutions for Your Hot innovations!

Our past:

We began our journey in the thermal processing equipment market since the foundation of a laboratory electric furnace factory a in Lithuanian town of Utena in 1960. With the first product being Laboratory muffle furnace MP-2M - after which, our portfolio grew rapidly.

Our present:

Today we manufacture over 70 standard products of laboratory furnaces and ovens and over 90 models for the Industry. 90% of our total production is exported to foreign markets. Every day we face the challenge improving our standardised products or creating a solution for Your specific processes. We differentiate ourselves by being able to offer high quality products in a short lead time.


Muffle Furnaces Index

Chamber Furnaces Index

Tube Furnaces Index

Ashing Furnaces Index


Laboratory Ovens Index

1960s SNOL Furnace
Stainless Steel

Carbolite Index

Carbolite is a UK based world leading manufacturer and supplier of a range of elite laboratory chamber/box & tube furnaces & laboratory & industrial furnaces, ovens & incubators.

The extensive portfolio offered by Carbolite includes both elite laboratory chamber/box furnaces & laboratory tube furnaces to 1800degC. Tube furnaces are available as single or multi-zone, horizontal/vertical, split & rotating models. A wide variety of tube diameters & tube heated lengths is available.

Chamber/box furnaces are available in many sizes and models include high temperature furnaces, ashing/calcining furnaces, furnaces for the analysis of coal & coke and precious metals evaluation furnaces (cupellation/fire assay).

In addition to the range of elite laboratory furnaces, ovens and incubators, Carbolite also offers an extensive range of pilot plant and industrial furnaces and industrial ovens for various heat treatment applications. Product ranges include: mesh belt furnaces, roller hearth furnaces, rotary hearth furnaces, top loading furnaces, top hat furnaces, blade strip hardening furnaces and elevator hearth furnaces.

The range of industrial ovens includes both batch and continuous ovens. Examples of these are aluminium solution ovens, bogie hearth ovens, air recirculating chamber ovens and inert atmosphere ovens.

Carbolite's elite furnaces and ovens are the standard against which heat treatment equipment is measured and as a result, Carbolite has a worldwide reputation for its range of laboratory and industrial furnaces & ovens. Carbolite's elite laboratory chamber/box & tube furnaces and industrial furnaces & laboratory and industrial ovens offer precise temperature control, excellent temperature uniformity & solutions for laboratory, pilot plant & industrial applications.


Chamber Furnaces Index

Tube Furnaces Index

Ashing Furnaces Index

Coal & Coke Furnaces Index

Precious Metals Index

Tritium Analyser (MTT)

Vacuum Tube Furnaces (HVTT)

Asphalt Binder Analyser (ABA)

Test Furnace for ISO 12981-1

Safe Air Dedicated Air Heater


Laboratory Ovens Index

Industrial Ovens Index

Clean Room Ovens (CR)

HT Clean Room Ovens (HTCR)

Coal Drying Ovens (CDLT & CDHT)

Application Specific Ovens Index


Furnace & Oven Controllers


Cell Block Rubber & Plastics Cable Ageing Ovens (SCBO)

Cooled Chamber (GCC)

Laboratory Incubators

Rapid Dental Zirconia Sintering (CDR 15/1)

Special Heat Treating Furnace (EVT)

Vacuum Tube Furnaces (HVT)

Nabertherm Index

Nabertherm has over 300 employees all around the world who have combined their skills and experience to produce a large range of furnaces and ovens for all types of laboratory and industrial application for over 50 years. Over 150,000 customers spread between 100 countries can all testify to the quality of Nabertherm products.

The Nabertherm product range varies from standard muffle furnaces to precision demanding high temperature furnaces. A large range of accessories is also available in order to adapt standard products to the needs of the customer. The innovative control system created by Nabertherm allows a high degree of regulation and automation which in turn enables ultra precise control and monitoring.

Customers who need products for anything from ashing to heat treatment and burn-off to drying can find Nabertherm products suitable.

A key factor in Nabertherm's difference to competitors is the subtle technical details such as the double-wall stainless steel housings which mean that they are energy efficient and have a longer service life.

Nabertherm Main Catalogue
Nabertherm Arts and Crafts Catalogue

Muffle, Preheating & Ashing Furnaces

Muffle, Preheating & Ashing Furnaces Index

Tube Furnaces

Tube Furnaces Index

Chamber Furnaces

Compact Chamber Furnaces (N, LH & LF)

High Temperature Vacuum Furnaces

Vacuum Furnaces with Graphite, Molybdenum or MoSi2 Heating (VHT)

Melting Furnaces

Melting Furnaces (K & KC)

Annealing Furnaces

Annealing and Hardening Furnaces (N)

High-Temperature Furnaces

High-Temperature Furnaces (HTC, LHT, HT & HFL)

Assay Furnaces

Assay Furnaces (N 110/HS)

Glass Furnaces

Laboratory Melting Furnace (SC 8)

Non Laboratory Furnaces

Furnaces for Applications outside the Laboratory


300 degC Ovens (TR)

Measurement and Control Systems

Standard Controllers
Alternatives for High-Performance Control

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts Index

Genlab Index

Since 1961, Genlab has been designing and manufacturing ovens, incubators and associated thermal products for laboratory, workshop and general commercial applications.

Genlab products are known for their quality, performance and engineering excellence, whilst remaining cost competitive with commendable price performance ratios.


General Purpose Ovens
Large Capacity Multipurpose Ovens

Moisture Extraction Ovens

Moisture Extraction Ovens

Dual Purpose

Dual Purpose Ovens and Incubators


General Purpose Incubators
Large Capacity Multipurpose Incubators
Cooled Incubators

Hot Air Steriliser

Hot Air Steriliser


Drying Cabinets

Binder Index

The leading brand of flawless simulation of chemical, biological and physical environmental conditions is undoubtedly Binder. The Binder range of ovens and chambers comprehensively covers all types of routine applications and also highly technical and specific tasks, taking pride in providing unique precision in both areas.

Many of the technological advances made in temperature chambers on an international basis can trace their routes back to Binder. Binder hold many patents for this technology and the Binder customer list boasts some of the most well known companies in over 100 different counties.

The hallmark of all Binder products is the maintaining of the highest standards in both the research into product techniques and the product development. Also, Binder take great pride and care in the manufacturing process and quality assurance.

Binder always focus on what they do best with their product range. This is not limited to, but includes:

  Process technology
  Climatic simulation technology
  Vacuum technology
  Measurement and control technology
  Software solutions
  Lighting technology

Binder Incubators

B 28 Incubator
BD Incubators
BF Incubators
KB Incubators

Binder CO2 Incubators

C 150 CO2 Incubator
CB CO2 Incubators

Binder ULT Freezers

UF Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Binder Heating Ovens

E 28 Drying Oven
ED Drying Ovens
FD Drying Ovens
FED Heating Chambers

Binder Material Test Chambers

FP Temperature Test Chambers
M Series Material Test Chambers

Binder Safety Drying Ovens

FDL 115 Safety Drying Oven
MDL 115 Safety Drying Oven

Binder Vacuum Drying Ovens

VD Vacuum Drying Ovens
VDL Vacuum Drying Ovens
VDL EX Vacuum Drying Ovens

Binder Environmental Test Chambers

MK Environmental Test Chambers
MKF Environmental Test Chambers
MKT 240 Environmental Test Chamber
KMF 240 Environmental Test Chamber

Binder Constant Climate Chambers

KBF Constant Climate Chambers
KBF ICH Constant Climate Chambers
KBF LQC Constant Climate Chambers

Binder Plant Growth Chambers

KBW Plant Growth Chambers
KBWF Plant Growth Chambers

Stuart Index

The Stuart range of benchtop science equipment for laboratories comprises over 100 products including block heaters, blood tube rotators, colony counters, hotplates, stirrers, rockers and shakers, rotary evaporators and water baths.

Stuart are also market leaders in melting point apparatus and water stills, with the Aquatron and Merit ranges.

All Stuart scientific products are designed, manufactured and marketed in an ISO9001:2000 environment in our ultra modern factory. Every step from new product development to after sales service follows documented and traceable procedures. The result is a quality focused culture committed to total customer satisfaction.

All electrical products produced by Stuart Scientific conform to the latest safety directives including the European CE requirements. For total compliance, all products are tested and approved by a fully accredited external test house.

Stuart lab products will be compliant with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive, WEEE and the Restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances, RoHS directive before their introduction.

Muffle Furnaces

SF3, SF7, SF14 and SF20 Muffle Furnaces


SI19 Incubator (for microtitre plates) - BUY ONLINE

SI30H Hybridisation, Incubator & Shaker
SI60 & SI60D Incubator (total visibility) - BUY ONLINE
SI500 Shaking Incubator
SI505 Shaking Incubator
SI600 Shaking Incubator
SI600C Large Cooled Incubator

Geotechnical Instruments
Geotechnical Instruments Index

Geotechnical Instruments (UK) Ltd was founded in 1976, to design, develop and manufacture instrumentation systems to meet the growing needs of the Civil Engineering industry. The company's core products form a wide range of instrumentation aimed specifically at the Geotechnical section of the civil engineering market. Keison Products now offer a vast range of such specialist instrumentation which can measure almost every Geotechnical parameter imaginable.

G100 CO2 Incubator Analyser

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